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Great hair salon services in West Auckland

For a hairdresser who has experience and skill you've come to the right place. Our friendly atmosphere and relaxing hair salon will give you full confidence in our team of professional and experienced stylists. Based in West Auckland, with great carparking nearby, we also offer a fantastic range of hairdressing supplies. So for the best brands, affordable prices, and staff who can help you in every way, please call us or drop by the hair salon and have a chat about what it is you need.
Hair products at our Auckland salon
Hair products at our Auckland salon


Essential care and styling at a great value price in our West Auckland hair salon from exclusive professional brand Indola.
Silhouette – Schwarzkopf Lacquer Super Hold
Orange Colour Range
Indola – Move Volume & Restructure
Indola – Innova Flexable Mousse Setting
Indola – Innova Glue Texture
Indola – Innova Strong Gel Texture
Indola – Innova Matt Gum Texture
Indola – Innova Shaping Souffle Texture
Green Colour Range
Indola – Innova Repair Shampoo
Indola – Innova Repair Conditioner
Indola – Innova Repair Rinse Off Treatment
Indola – Innova Repair Split Ends
Light Blue Colour Range
Indola – Innova Curl Cream Setting
Indola – Innova Thermal Protector Setting
Indola – Innova Hair thickening Elixer Setting
Dark Blue Colour Range
Indola – Innova Hydrate Shampoo
Indola – Innova Hydrate Bi-Phase Conditioners
Purple Colour Range
Indola – Innova Smooth Serum Finish
Red Colour Range
Indola – Innova Colour Silver Shampoo
Indola – Innova Colour Shampoo
Indola – Innova Colour Conditioner
Indola – Innova Colour Silver Shampoo
Indola – Innova Colour Leave In/Rinse Off Treatment
Indola – Innova Specialist Dandruff Shampoo
Indola – Innova – Specialist Cleaning Shampoo
Morocco Argan Oil – Hair Masque - Conditioner

Services price list

Come and visit us in West Auckland for affordable hairdressing services 
Pre-school                                                 from$15
Under 13                                                    from $20
Students                                                     from $25
Ladies trims                                               from $30 
Fringe trim                                                  from $7
Restyle/ layered cut                                from $50 (including shampoo)
Mens cuts                                                    from $30
Clipper                                                          from $16
Senior ladies                                              from $25
Senior Mens                                               from $20
Beard trim                                                  from $5
Beard/neck/ears                                      from $10
Dry off                                                            from $10
Shampoo                                                     from $10
Blow wave                                                   from $36
Full head colour - long                            from 170
Full head colour - med                            from 110
Full head colour - short                           from 75
Full head foils - long                                 from220 
Full head foils - med                                 from 170
Full head foils - short                                from 120
Half hair foils long                                      from 170
Half hair foils med                                      from120
Half hair foils short                                     from 70
GHD Straightening long                           from 55
GHD Straightening med                           from 45
GHD Straightening short                           from 30
Perm                                                              from $65
Retouch                                                        from $60 
Cap highlights                                             from $70
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